Community Resource Mapper and Finder

ARIA/MAPA (Multilingual Asset Placement for All) is a web platform that connects community resources and services with parents, students, and the public in general. ARIA aims to reach community members looking for specific types of community services based on a location. This location can be the user's current place or an entered address of interest.

How does it work?

ARIA creates a way of connecting local government agencies and partners with community members by allowing them to have the right information timely and efficiently to aid the resource allocation and decision-making process.

ARIA empowers the community to make better decisions and fosters society’s well-being offering a friendly and efficient platform to map and access community resources.

Benefits for community members

  • Friendly user-interface / Easy to use
  • Multilingual
  • Enhance awareness of educational opportunities and community resources
  • Ample search filters
  • Connect to volunteer opportunities
  • Service recommendations and ratings

Benefits for community organizations

  • Personalized portal
  • Access to visualization tools
  • Web traffic statistics
  • Demographics analytics
  • Census integration
  • Survey/feedback integration capabilities

Case for Support

Imagine coming to the United States without the ability to understand the language, the educational system, or societal processes. Imagine entering a new county while looking for affordable housing, and employment for yourself, as well as daycares and schools for your children.

More than just applying to immigrants who don’t speak the language, these challenges also apply to those moving in from other cities and states, which may find themselves lost in the new world they must navigate. Parents who come from low-income homes face an upwards stream of barriers that impede their ability to thrive as individuals and families.

Altamira’s ARIA platform was created to support communities, school districts and families plagued by these issues by addressing and dampening such difficulties.

Through a suite of tailored, multilingual, cloud-based solutions, Altamira offers, supports, and maintains a digital hub of services customizable for community members and school district leaders to better identify and address the needs of the families they belong to and serve.