ARIA for School Districts

ARIA (Advanced Regional Integrated Analytics)

ARIA/SD enables School District Administrators to analyze and visualize student and school data instantly with a couple of clicks using a geographic perspective.

ARIA/SD aims to democratize data access to School District staff, share data across school departments, and enable visual exploration of aligned dataset about students, community, and schools.

ARIA/SD facilitates demograpchic analysis, student mobility, and school preferences that save decision makers time and resources.

How does it work?

ARIA is organized as a set of cloud-based services working cooperatively to support visual exploration of school and student data.

World-class systems offered by ARIA for School Districts

  • School Locator.
  • Student Enrollment Analyzer.
  • Analytical Reporting.
  • School District Dashboard.
  • Residential Development Tracking.

School Locator

Modernize your school and school district's public image with a friendly geographic locator on your website.

Just enter an address to find out the assigned schools with their boundaries and school locations displayed on a map.


In production with one of top 10 largest school districts since 2010.


No need to spend on new hardware or GIS, databases or software licenses.

User Friendly

Direct interaction of a map with some clicks to find zoned schools.


Get answers at the speed of some keystrokes.

Leading Technology

Permanently updated to the latests versions of computing power, user interface, and data sources.

Quick Installation

Deployment in production in just two weeks.

Student Enrollment Analyzer

Lost in a world of data?

Identify equity issues, respond to demographic changes, understand your K-12 community trends and inform your school capacity via using an interactive map plotting data such as your student grade levels, gender, race, meal status, amongst others.

Who is this for?

Planners, GIS Specialists and anyone interested in deeper understanding of local student demographics.

How does it work?

Your student and school data are fed into ARIA and enriched with census records. You can then access the Student Analyzer via a secure link in your browser.

Identify equity issues

View student data for instant analysis

Quicker, factual and easier decisions

Transform dispersed data into unbiassed insights

School capacity informed

Obtain insights via an interactive map

Analytical Reporting

Gain perspective

Transform data clutter into charts in seconds to facilitate informed decision-making, understand trends, and foster analysis.

Who is this for?

Superintendents, planners, district leaders, GIS Specialists and anyone wishing to optimize school planning, budgeting and enrollment forecasting.

How does it work?

Your student and school data are fed into ARIA. You can then access the ARIA Analytical Reporting via your browser securely.

Matured analytical reports including

  • School Articulation reports.
  • Student Mobility analysis.
  • School Stay Rate Analysis.
  • Student Enrollment Analysis by school.

School Dashboard

How is your school team doing?

Analyze the performance of schools and student groups to identifying strengths, challenges, and areas in need of improvement.

Who is this for?

School district staff, educators, and policy makers interested in visualizing key performance indicators of the school district.

How does it work?

ARIA organizes school and student data in a suite of reports that have been designed to support improvement planning efforts by districts and schools. ARIA School District Dashboards allow users to interact with graphs and tables showing demographic information along with performance data and comparative analysis.

Residential Development Tracking for Growth Management

School planning made easy!!

Achieve quick unbiased decisions about school planning, student enrollment, assignment, and placement, on a map at the touch of a button.

Who is this for?

Planners, GIS Specialists and anyone interested in deeper understanding of local student demographics.

How does it work?

Your student & school data are fed into ARIA, and then enriched with demographic and new residential developments data. Then ARIA allows you to track new residential developments securely via your browser and manage your school's growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my organization need to get new hardware to run ARIA for School Districts?

No. Your organization doesn't need to get any computing platform to run ARIA. Our platform runs on cloud services tailored to your organization needs. Just bring your laptop, tablet or personal machine to access ARIA products.

How often are school boundaries updated in ARIA?

School boundaries are updated at the beginning of the school year, and on-demand at any time when a change of any boundary is approved by the school board.